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Prep White Goes to the Farm

On Friday Prep White went to the farm.  We went on the bus to get there.  Many of us had never been on a bus before so were very excited!  When we arrived we met Farmer Annie and Farmer Corrie and we took the ‘Farmer’s Oath’ which turned us into ‘rookie farmers’ for the day.  Our first job was to put the sheep into their new paddock.  We had to stick out our bottoms and put our arms out wide.  We did a great job!  Next we went to the goat enclosure to get it ready for Ziggy and George to live in.  We gave them food, water, toys, shelter and LOVE.  Ziggy and George were very happy.  We went out of the enclosure and fed Ziggy through the fence.  George was the boss and he was a bit grumpy.    Then we went to feed the ducks.  We put the food in our hands and they nibbled it out.  Our next job as ‘rookie farmers’ was to feed the Alpacas.  Farmer Annie told us they protect sheep and goats from foxes on the farm. The brown one is named Sahara and the white one is named Cosmo.  After that we went into the chicken coop to feed the chickens and made damper.   

Our last job as ‘rookie farmers’ was to check if the creek water was clean enough to give to the animals.  We had to see how many bugs were in the water.  Farmer Annie told us if there were lots of creatures it meant that the water was clean. The water was clean!  Finally we had done all of the jobs at the farm and it was time to eat the damper we made.  YUM!

Lastly we got back on the bus and drove back to school. 

We were all very tired from our big day at the farm.  We had a wonderful day and were all very well behaved. 

Thank you to all of our wonderful parent helpers who were able to come along for the day.