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Year 3 Poetry Excursion


​On Monday 3rd November, Year 3 visited Pacific Fair worksite and the Botanical Gardens.  We experienced two different settings in which to write poetry.  We used our senses to observe and record what we saw, heard and felt.  We used our recorded information to create a 'Senses' poem about our experience.

Construction Site

At the massive, mind blowing contruction site

The cold, quiet construction site going crazy

I can see:

The giant Cranosaurus clashing cruelly everywhere,

There is gloomy, dark cement drying all over,

There is huge, massive cranes everywhere all in pairs.

I think it would be be pretty rare to find a clover.

I can hear:

The beeping of vehichles working hard,

The wind blowing through the massive place,

Something blowing in the wind: it's a card.

Lots of sounds to hear in this wide open space.

I can feel:

The wind blowing on my cold skin,

There is so much amazement in this place,

Like this place is going to win!

You should have seen the look on my face.   

 By Aiden

 Botanical Beauty

In the lush green grass and crystal clear water,

Lies soothing relaxation that you will find.

I can see:

The rough skinned water dragons, the beauty of white necked swans,

The crystal-like water fountain, below it the rocks.

The ripples of coolness, they're pretty in the ponds,

And all the hedges seem to look like blocks.

I can hear:

The can almost hear the lively swan whistling along,

The sound of a waterfall it sounds like a splash.

The birds chirping their song,

The crash of us stepping on sticks, so don't dash!

I can feel:

The kind breeze that is always whipping bushes,

The gardens are big and extremely long.

The boys felt like gentlemen and the girls felt like lasses

Now you know the place where I belong!

By Gabby