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Year 3 excursion to Jacobs Well

​On Wednesday 1st March, Year 3S and 3P went to Jacobs Well Environmental Centre.When we got there we split into two groups. We were going to the Mangroves. When we got there it was high tide.  We put our finger in the water to see if it was salt water or fresh water.  When we tried it, the water was salty.  Then we went to see lots of crabs.  Eve found a crab claw.  It was very big.  I found a little crab claw and I got to hold a crab.  Dexter found a mangrove seed.  It was once-living.  Then Miss Lynzy told us to be quiet and we got to get really close up to the birds.  There were Ibis and some black and white birds.  Miss Lynzy said that the Ibis uses its beaks for finding crabs in holes.
When we finished walking through the mangroves we were soaked.  When we got onto the mud bus we made a mess and the seats got wet from our shorts.  The bus took us back to the eating area where we had our lunch.  After we had our lunch we put on mossie spray and sunscreen.  We went to the fresh water pond and we were looking for man-made animal homes.  Darci was the first person to find one of the man-made homes.  Darci found a possum cage in the shady tree.  We learnt about lots of different bugs and how they breathe.  We got a magnifying glass to look at the bugs a little closer.  We even caught a water scorpion.  We then went back and got dressed into our clean clothes and went back on the bus to school. We all had a great day!
By 3S