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Year 5 Eureka Stockade

​Tent Making

Recount by 5B

Once we got there we were met by two girls on horseback who took us down the hill to see a play of what it was like back in 1815.  After that we sat down on long wooden seats and listend to our instructions for the day.  We then got to go and explore the goldfields.  After three whistles were blown and everyone was back, we split up into three groups and started our first activities.

Group 1 went to tent making, Group 2 went down to pan for alluvial gold, and Group 3 went to do some haggling at the general store. 

At the general store you got into pairs, with one person being behind the counter and the other the customer.  It was hard to haggle but eventually we got the hang of it.  Down at the lake Group 2 were panning for gold and Group 3 had to build a tent just like Charlotte's example.  The teachers then had to mark us on our teamwork, speed and how close our tent was to Charlotte's tent.

After our lunch we had some damper with golden syrup, which was made earlier by a few of our students.  When we had finished the awesome, amazingly delicious damper, we played a game called Gold Rush. 

We had an awesome day!

Poem - Eureka Stockade

There was an old gravel path, we walked down
All the way to the Golden town
Pretending we were in a time of old
Scavenging for carats of gold.
Then we watched an amazing role play
About living the ‘Eureka’ way
After that we had time to explore
Hoping that we would learn some more.
We haggled over items with all our pounds
To try to get the best deals around
Looking to get some boots to wear
“Coz to mine, we need to be prepared.
When we made tents, we had to work as a team
And the sun belted down, in a massive beam
Then we approached the final hour
But the heat was draining all our power.
Eureka here, Eureka there, people were shouting in our ears
When the gold rush was on, we compared gold with our peers
Then we sold our nuggets for lots of money
To buy some lollies that tasted funny.
We stumbled up the gravel track
But none of us wanted to go back
We said ‘goodbye’ to the Eureka Stockade
Enjoying all the memories that we had made.
By Tom 5P