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Yr 3 Excursion to Jellurgal.


​It was fun.  Jellurgal is the local Aboriginal Centre.  When we got there we watched a video about the Gold Coast's history.  After that we watched Aboriginal people do dances.  I thought the dance was VERY good.  We also put ochre on our arms and faces.  Then we had a photo and people held Aboriginal weapons and instruments.  Then we went to Burleigh Headland and saw the Shell Middans, some ochre and Jimbreens fingers.  We listened to a dreamtime story about a dolphin too.  On the bus we stopped at Old Burleigh Arcade to look at the architecture.  We also stopped at the Southern Cross building and the Bora Ring.  It was a great day.

By Jack W.

Today we went to the Jellurgal Aborignal Centre in Burleigh Heads.  It was awesome.  We learnt lots about Aboriginal culture, like dreamtime stories and how the Kombumerri people lived.  It sounded very hard to live like that.  Then the lady came out with some ochre and they put it on our faces and hands.  Then a man called Luther came in with two children and did a dance for us.  It was fabulous to watch.  Then we went for a big nature walk and along the way we stopped for some dreamtime stories.  Then when we were walking back we saw a big wall of ochre on the mountain.  Then we had lunch.  After lunch we went into the little room and made a yarning circle and had a chat about Aboriginal culture.  Then we went back on the bus and stopped at the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade. We went inside and it was very interesting.  Then we went to the Southern Cross building and talked about the materials they used.  Back on the bus we went and we stopped at one more place.  It was the Bora Ring.  The Bora Ring is used by Aboriginal men to do their ceremonies.  Then we went back to school.  It was the best excursion ever. 

By Jasmyn M.