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Yr 3 Visit Jacob's Well


​This week all the Year 3 classes visited Jacob's Well to learn about living and once-living things.  We waded through the mangrove swamp to catch tiny crabs: blue, green, red and purple.  We found out that mangroves can survive in salt water because they get rid of the salt through the leaves.  We could taste the salt on the underside of the leaves.  The water was warm and in some places it was past our knees.  We also did the MUD CHALLENGE and painted our faces with the gooey mud.  It was so much fun!  At the fresh water lake we caught water insects, such as dragonfly larvae and red water mites, using nets and buckets.  We sorted them out according to their characteristics and took them back to the Centre to look at them under a giant microscope.   We could actually see their multi-lens eye viens. At the end of the day we were wet and muddy but we had learned alot about the natural environment and how everything depends on each other.  We had a great time.