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Year 5 Planetarium Excursion

​Man on the Moon
​Inside the Planetarium, we were amazed to see a replica of the space suit worn by Neil Armstrong, spacecraft and some artefacts.  Some displays were interactive.  Entering the Cosmic Skydome, our hearts were racing in anticipation of the show that was to come.  We couldn't believe how large the planets were and how quickly they rotated, especially Mars.  We also saw how stars are born.  Also, we were able to see that the further away the planet is from the sun, the longer it takes to orbit it.  An interesting fact we learnt was that it takes exactly the same amount of time for the moon to orbit Earth as it does for its rotation.  That is why we only ever see the same side of the moon.  The Milky Way's name came from the Ancient Greeks because they thought the gods had spilt milk across the sky. We also strolled through the tranquil Botanical Gardens, searched for plants and animals and ticked these off on our 'Trail Hunter' checklist. At the Japanese garden, Sensi Sutton led us in a 'two minute silence' so we could tune into our senses and truly appreciate the beauty and stillness of our surroundings. We had a SPACE-TASTIC time on our excursion.  By 5PS