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​The role of the Guidance Officer in Education Queensland Primary Schools

Guidance and counselling services are provided in all Queensland state schools and education programs and their focus is on assisting students to achieve to their potential.

Guidance Officers identify factors that can be barriers to learning and development, and plan or assist in planning interventions/ programs to support individual students and groups of students. A range of issues may be supported by Guidance Officers including personal and social development, diverse learning styles, family and developmental concerns, and educational pathways.

Guidance Officers may work directly with the student or with the student's teachers and other school staff, family, and specialists or professionals from other agencies outside the school. The nature of the collaboration between stakeholders is dependent on the issues to be resolved and the age of the student.

Guidance Officers, while respecting student privacy and confidentiality, work as members of a support team and are committed to providing quality education services for every young Queenslander regardless of their circumstances.

How can I access the school Guidance Officer and what is her role at Caningeraba State School?

The Guidance Officer caseload is largely managed through the schools’ Student Support Committee. This ensures that the children with the highest need receive priority and for this reason, referrals from parents and teachers are taken through that committee. Generally, if you have concerns regarding your child’s progress, talk first with their teacher. Together you will be able to identify whether your concerns are academic/learning, developmental, behavioural, and/or social/ emotional.

For concerns that are mainly to do with home, there are a number of support agencies and contacts in the local area, including your family doctor, the Queensland Health Department and community centres.

For concerns that are impacting on your child at school, your teacher will refer them to the Student Support Committee, which will consider which school staff member would be best suited to helping you and your child. That person may be one of the Support Teachers Literacy and Numeracy, the Chaplain, the Gifted Education Coordinator, the Head of Special Education Services, an Associate Principal or the Guidance Officer.

Contact between the Guidance Officer and your child, apart from an initial “getting to know you” session, will only occur with your written permission.

Kate Alcorn

Guidance Officer - (Monday to Thursday each week)